Eye Exam wearing glasses


I visited the Sowash Optometry Group across from Belmar in Lakewood. I was expecting a hurried service but I was surprised to receive a relaxed full scope eye exam by Dr. Teske. She was wonderful to have as an eye doctor. I will definitely return next year for my annual eye exam. Thank you Dr. Teske!

The last time I had to get glasses I went to a cut-rate place that I won't mention. It turned out there weren't many frames to choose from at the price that was advertised so this year I decided to try Sowash Optometry Group. I went to the one at Park Meadows and was amazed at the selection of frames they carr. They had lots of choices in the lower end as well as medium priced and higher priced frames. I was able to afford two really nice pairs of glasses that I am actually proud to wear...Kathy

My father was having some problems with his vision so he went to Doctor's Sowash Optometry Group in Pueblo. Dr. Liles recommended he do a test called an Optomap. It helped the doctor diagnois a problem that required immediate surgery. Who knew that a simple trip to an optometrist could be so important? The optomap is not something we expected a place like Sowash Optometry Group to be equipped with but we are certainly grateful for the up to date technology and Dr. Liles.

I visited Sowash Optometry Group on College Avenue when I realized I was getting headaches from so much studying. (I'm a student at CSU). The technician and I hit it off. He and Linda, the manager, helped me pick out some cool readers that don't make me look like a geek...Mark

Sowash Optometry Group looks like it's being remodeled! The one at Aurora is sort of a mess but you can see it's going to be a whole new look. I'm glad some businesses have enough confidence in the economy to stay up to speed with new equipment and offices. Dr. Jarvis is awesome. I won't go anywhere else...Rob

For the first time in a long time, I am loving my contact lenses!!! I have always had trouble with contacts in the past. Everyone told me it's just too dry in Colorado to wear them. But Dr. Lehmann at the Flat Irons Sowash Optometry Group suggested I try daily wear lenses. That means you put on a fresh pair every day instead of trying to make them last. They are a bit pricier but I really like them a lot. It's like nothing in my eyes at all and I have great vision with them. I'm glad he suggested giving contacts another try. I had all but given up on wearing them. Glasses are okay but I like to hike and it's nice to be able to wear my regular sunglasses.

I took my two little girls to the Stapleton Sowash Optometry Group for their back to school eye exams. Dr. Mangers was the optometrist and she was wonderful. She detected that my oldest child was beginning to have some vision problems. I'm glad she caught it early so my daughter could start out school on the right foot. Now my daughter has a cute pair of pink glasses and can see the board from anywhere in the room. With all the issues schools have these days, we have to do all we can as parents to set our children up for success. Thanks Sowash Optometry Group.

One of my friends works for Sowash Optometry Group, a vision place in Denver. She says they are coming out with a new line of frames to go with the remodeled offices. Hope they have the same great pricing.

Sowash Optometry Group at the Southlands is a really nice office! It's so new, I don't know why they are remodeling it. But I was very happy with my eye exam from Dr. Allen. The staff helped me pick out some nice glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses. I had never had prescription sunglasses in a bifocal before. I really like being able to see my dashboard now! I should have bought a pair years ago...oh well, better late than never. Thanks!

I just took my son who plays high school baseball to Sowash Optometry Group at Park Meadows. Even though his vision is 20/20, Dr. Johnson suggested we do a test called an optomap on him. He said it would be a base line test that we could refer back to as Eric gets older. It was really cool to see the back of the eye. The doctor explained that if he has a change in vision we will be able to compare pictures to help determine anything going on. Since he's in sports, I thought it especially important. It did cost an additional $30 but it seems like a small amount in the grand scheme of things. How cool is that?

I took my kids to a free screening at the 9Health Fair at the Sowash Optometry Group booth. They determined my teenage daughter needed an eye exam and got her an appointment at the Broadway office. She ended up getting both glasses and contacts. I'm glad they were at the 9Health Fair. I didn't even realize she was having trouble with her vision. But she's all set now and ready for Driver's Ed.

Sowash Optometry Group is on my insurance plan! I went to the office at Southwest Plaza and got two pairs of glasses and an exam for hardly anything. Jen, one of the staff members, showed me some Michael Korrs frames. I bought two pairs. Very happy.

Daily wear contacts are awesome! I just got a year's supply! I'm 55 and I thought my days of wearing contact lenses were over. But the doctor at Sowash Optometry Group suggested I try these. I absolutely love them!!!! They are clear and comfortable. Tory, Colorado Springs.

Wow, I'm never going to Lenscrafters again. I just bought two nice pairs of glasses at Sowash Optometry Group for about the same price as one low end pair at Lenscrafters. How do they stay in business?...Jim